rajath thomson


May- july 2016


- Analyzed current problems and communication gaps present between the customer, retailer and the support team 
- developed process channel map for lead development mobile application

- designed three different mobile applications designs within two  months for, customer end, retailer end and admin panel 

October 2016

NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Volunteered for implementing innovative design ideas for 3D printing for first Zero-G 3D printer which will be used to assist astronauts mission on the International Space Station.

May 2015

OpenStreetMap Foundation

-Found out optimal routes and methods for Support Military forces to carry out rescue operations in the badly affected areas during 2015 Nepal earthquake
-Digitized satellite imagery to provide maps and data to support humanitarian organizations/ military support deployed to the affected countries.


Best of Model Management's Photographer hunt

In the Top 5% in the ModelManagement's Natural beauty - Models without retouching photography challenge sponsored by Model Management.

Best of the Best of 2013 | Pixoto.com

 In the top 5% in illustration category for the Best of the year  around the world for 2013 | Pixoto.com
  Rank 5 in the Illustration category for the August 2013
  Rank 1 in the Illustration category for the Day of 8/12/13



MBA in International Business

 Major in Marketing and Minor in Information Technology



Computer Science and Engineering


Digital Art Photography97%
Html & CSS85%


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  • rajath.mat@gmail.com
  • 09643117719 India
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Rajath Thomson

I did BTech in Computer Science and Engineering. Then MBA in International Business with Majors in Marketing and Minor in Information Technology. I know C, C++, JAVA, R programming, CSS, Balsamiq, Blender, Angular JS, 3dsmax, PS, AI, AE and cooking ;D maybe photography too ;D | undertaken Six Sigma Green Belt certification By KPMG | completed immersion program by Nanyang Technological University, Singapore